Automate Shopify Order Shipping Operations

Shopify is widely regarded as the top e-commerce platform in the world. Shipink can assist you in automating your order shipping operations with Shopify.


Connect your Shopify store to Shipink.


Import all of your orders from Shopify.

Get rates

Get rates from multiple carrier services.


Ship your orders, track them ands notify your customers


Connect Shopify with many carriers

Integrate your carrier account with Shipink and your rates will be applied automatically, waiting for you to create shipping labels. You can connect many carrier accounts to the same sales channel and manage all your shipments from a single panel.


Enjoy the Automation

Meet our advanced shipping management system with the following features:

Reduce your workload with multiple operations
Enhance customer communication with tracking notifications
Reduce return ratio with address correction.

"With Shipink, notifications can be sent to customers in various statuses via email and SMS, and integration with many cargo companies is available. In addition, our customers can easily track shipments on our website. A very successful application in order/shipping and integration processes."

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other questions about the Shopify cargo integration? Contact our support team and ask us anything.
How can I integrate with Shopify?
To integrate with Shopify, simply add our Shipink app from the Shopify App Store to your store. All of your orders from the Shopify will be automatically transferred to our system through our extension.
What does this integration provide me?
This integration automatically transfers orders from your Shopify store to our system. This allows you to easily manage the shipping, tracking, and return processes for all of your orders.
What carriers can I use with Shopify integration?
With this integration, you can use many carriers such as UPS, Fedex, Aramex, Sendeo, PTT and more. To see all the carriers we are integrated with, you can check our carriers page.

Shipping? We take care of it

Every e-commerce company has different shipping operations, needs and problems. Let our team explain to you how we specifically solved these problems.

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