Seamless integration with MNG

MNG Kargo is a local logistics company that provides a wide range of services to the Türkiye's largest and fastest growing companies. We can help you integrate your shipping solutions with MNG’s services.


Connect your MNG Kargo account or use ours.


Import all of your orders from your sales channel.

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Get rates for MNG Kargo shipping services.


Ship your orders, track them ands notify your customers


Connect MNG Kargo with your sales channels

Integrate your sales channel with Shipink and your orders will be imported automatically, waiting for you to create shipping labels. You can connect many sales channels to the same account and manage all your shipments from a single panel.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any other questions about the Wix cargo integration? Contact our support team and ask us anything.
How does this integration work?
With MNG Kargo integration, you can easily manage your shipping process directly from the Shipink platform. Once you connect your MNG Kargo account, you can easily create and print shipping labels, track packages, and more.
Can I use my own MNG Kargo account?
Yes, you can use your own MNG Kargo agreement with Shipink. After connecting your account, simply select MNG Kargo as your preferred carrier and use your own account.
What if I don't have an account?
Shipink has an existing account with MNG Kargo, so you can use Shipink's rates and services to ship with MNG Kargo even if you don't have your own account. By using Shipink, you can take advantage of the benefits of MNG Kargo's services without needing to negotiate your own account.

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